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You will find the Pri Lovrču organic farm in the beautiful little village of Čadrg, which lies seven hundred meters above sea level surrounded by the Tolminsko hills in Trgilav National Park. The farm produces milk that is turned into the local Tolminc cheese and into salty and sweet cottage cheese at the village cheese dairy where if you wish, you can watch the work being done. Along with cheese and cottage cheese you will definitely enjoy their pear brandy, cider, and must, all organically produced. All their products and produce carry the "Biodar" trademark. If you wish, you can also buy homemade cheese, fresh and salty cottage cheese, seasonal vegetables, pear brandy, and walnuts. 


Beautiful nature invites you to visit Mount Razor, the source and chutes of the Tolminka River, Javorca, Kobarid, and many other places since the surrounding area is full of natural sights worth visiting.



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