We also offer the possibility of staying for longer or shorter period of time on our farm – for interesting holidays or only for the relaxing end of busy week. We recently opened two apartments and obtained registration for additional activity on the farm – tourism.


We are sure that you are interested in possible activities in Čadrg. All interested in experiencing the farm work will be accepted as most welcome help. We will also be glad to advice all those who like to hike, to climb the mountains or go mountain biking – many interesting trails and tracks are waiting for you.

sir tolminc


 Main activity on our farm is milk production, which is later processed to famous autochthonous cheese called »Tolminc« and special curd cheese, called »Albuminska skuta«.


 We offer traditional dishes on our farm, which are very common and typical for the hills of Tolmin. We find variety of stews among them and of course we cannot forget about frika and štruklji.